Extrusion and Cold Forming of Stud Bolts, Screws and Special Parts


Espytes is committed to innovation and progress. This means we make ongoing investment to ensure our company has the most cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to always deliver the best to our customers and to be at the forefront in our sector.

We have recently extended our facilities to a size of 14,000 m2. We now have a total area of 20,800 m2, divided into 3 sections: our 10,800 m2 central headquarters and cold forming production facility, a 2,000 m2 machining production division, and an 8,000 m2 inspection, packaging and warehousing area.

We take pride in our growth and are committed to continuous improvement so that we can offer our customers an even better service. This shows the quality and efficiency commitment that forms part of our work.

Annual volumes

150.000.000 parts, 100% picked

275.000.000 parts sold

30.000.000 parts in stock


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